Data Visualization


  • A Brief History of Data Visualization | Stanford [link]
  • History of Data Visualization and Telling a Story with Data | UC Berkeley Events [link]
  • 34 Data Visualization: A Brief History of Maps, Time Series, and Charts (FR) | Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS) [link]

Online Articles:

  • A brief history of data visualization | Jon Hazell [link]
  • 8 fantastic examples of data storytelling | [link]
  • Randy Olson here to answer all of your questions about data visualization [link]
  • Spurious Correlations [link]


  • Tukey | Exploratory Data Analysis [amazon]
  • Robin Williams | The Non-Designer's Design Book (4th Edition) [amazon]
  • Gene Zelazny | Say It with Charts: The Executive's Guide to Visual Communication [amazon]

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