Yu (Raymond) Liu

Yu (Raymond) Liu (刘宇) is a dear friend and we have never met in person. He graduated from Peking University decades ago. He has been busy at saving the world ever since. One night in 2018 Raymond was walking at the Old Town Square at Prague and playing with his camera. A big drunk dude reached Yu from behind and put his hand on Yu’s shoulder. Yu thought he was getting robbed, however, the stranger said to Yu that he loves China very much and left.

I had a similar experience in November 2015. One day at 2 am, I was at a bus station at Philadelphia waiting for my PeterPan. A homeless person came, sat with me and we talked. He told me that his name is Michael, he is a veteran, his spot is right at the corner, and I should stop by and visit him the next time I am in town. Before he left, we shook hands and nothing bad happened to me when I travelled from Philadelphia through New York to UCONN in the dark. I hope everything is well for Michael.

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June Lee

June Lee is an SYSU alumnus. We have followed each other on social media since we both were studying at SYSU. He is a programmer and a street photographer based in Guangzhou, China, a city I had lived in for eight years. I find his work sophisticated in techniques. Other than that, I love the city better in his camera. I see lives of all kinds of people in June’s work, the self-conflicting and the encountering.

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Ling Gao (SANLUUE)

Ling GAO (高翎, SANLUUE) is a dear friend. We met when both of us were studying at Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU). We used to frequent MeToo Cafe at the south campus of SYSU. She is an active athlete in swimming, baseball and road cycling. She finds her soul peaceful in creating arts. Now, she does graffiti and illustrations most. Constantly, her artwork surprises me. It feels like we struggle against the same pain, but we also hold hope dearly.

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